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Local Doctor Charles Schwertner Wants To Make A State House Call For Williamson & Milam Co

September 28, 2009

Georgetown, TX—Respected Williamson County orthopedic surgeon Charles Schwertner today officially announced his Republican primary candidacy for Texas House District 20. The district includes portions of Williamson County (Georgetown, Cedar Park, Barlett, Brushy Creek, Florence, Granger, Leander, Liberty Hill, Schwertner, Serenda and Weir) and all of Milam County.

“If elected, I promise to be a responsive leader who will fight for our children, our community and our conservative values,” Schwertner said. “I also want to continue the outstanding representation of our current State Representative Dan Gattis and I strongly support Dan in his bid to move up to the Texas State Senate.”

Dr. Schwertner and his wife of 12 years, Belinda, also a local doctor (OB/GYN), are lifelong Republicans and parents of three young boys—two attending local public schools. Schwertner received his medical degree from the University of Texas Medical Branch and his undergraduate Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy degree from the University of Texas at Austin. Schwertner worked his way through medical school as a pharmacist.

Dr. Schwertner is the managing partner and practicing physician of Georgetown Orthopedics PLLC, a medical clinic with over 25 employees that provides annual care to over 20,000 local patients. He also serves as president of the Williamson County Medical Society.

“I am a conservative who believes in lower taxes, quality public schools and personal freedoms,” said Schwertner. “I also strongly oppose the Trans Texas Corridor, amnesty for illegal immigrations and President Obama’s proposed government run national healthcare reform. With healthcare reform at the forefront of political debate, I will also use my background as a doctor to protect patient rights from government intrusion, health insurance company abuses and rationing of care, especially as it pertains to care for seniors.”

Dr. Schwertner and his family are residents of Georgetown and active members of St. Helen’s Catholic Church. He is a member of Williamson County Republican Party, Texas Right to Life, the National Rifle Association and the Texas State Rifle Association. His in‐laws live in Sun City and his father‐in‐law is a retired Army Sergeant Major. Schwertner is also proud to announce that local family practitioner Dr. Stephen Benold will join his team as campaign treasurer.