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Great turnout at the Walker County Reagan Day dinner! It’s always nice to see Lieutenant Governor Patrick, Representative Bailes and so many friends from Walker County! ... See MoreSee Less

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Boooo! Dan Goeb is a charlatan embarrassment to Texas! Quit changing your name, Dandy Danny Scott nee Goeb nee Patrick. What's next, Peter? Paul? Mary?

Dang. How many of those Reagan dinners y’all got. Seems like a day of celebration for the life, times and career of the actor and President Ronald Reagan would suffice.

So much Diversity...

Senator, you like to brag while campaigning about how many generations your family has been, as it makes you more qualified. So please tell me how many generations Dan Patrick's (nee Goeb) family has been here?

I believe that all Texans have the right to protect themselves and their families. Which is why I am proud to have an “A” rating and endorsement from the NRA and Texas State Rifle Association (TSRA). ... See MoreSee Less

I believe that all Texans have the right to protect themselves and their families. Which is why I am proud to have an “A” rating and endorsement from the NRA and Texas State Rifle Association (TSRA).

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Yep everyone has a right to shoot people with an ak assault rifle.

Thank you Dr Schwertner. You are very appreciated in SD5.

We need you in NM

Is that Al Bundy , sorry couldn't help it .....

I am tired of seeing my Republican candidates not trying to get medical marijuana and decriminalization pushed. There are a lot more medical issues that would benefit more from this treatment and CBD is a joke. Get it removed as a Class1 narcotic, which states NO KNOWN MEDICAL USES. We already know thats not true. If you dont want it fully legal i can understand but to deny it as a valid medical treatment is stupid

We need common sense gun safety laws. There's an epidemic of gun violence

Now, if you thought we all had a right to be safe and supported expanded background checks and no licenses for domestic abusers, we could talk.

You are against universal background checks

No one is exempt from getting shot by crazy people with guns.

I sure would not be proud of that.

Of all the issues facing Texas, THIS is your selling point? ffs

I will protect my family, all who live in Texas by voting BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!

As a 7th Generation Texan and gun owner I will tell you what can be done that is common sense: 1. We are all safer with universal background checks...nobody wants guns sold to mentally ill, abusive individuals, criminals, or terrorists...background checks keep us all safe. 2 Ban bump-stocks...these were used in the infamous Las Vegas Country concert shooting...and turn legitimate semi-auto weapons into almost automatic...which does circumvent the law prohibiting automatic weapons. 3. Ban high-capacity magazines over 10 rounds...yup, I have used them and they are fun...but for hunting, even pigs, don’t really need more than 10 rounds at the most...except on the battlefield, and to keep them from being used in mass shootings to slow the carnage and force reloading which has shown to give victims a chance to either flee or fight. Ok...go ahead and argue why those are not pro-gun, yet common sense reform.

And properly supported Public Schools

The interesting thing about the NRA is that they don’t care about republican v. democrat, race, gender, religion, sexual orientation. They will support politicians solely on their voting record for 2nd amendment issues. Can’t find too many civil rights lobbyists that are that inclusive.

Make Texas Great 👍

How are you reconciling the significant amount of money the NRA received from Russia? Your A rating from the NRA comes tied with campaign donations from them - that’s fine but they received millions from a hostile foreign source - my unsolicited advice to you as a constituent is to keep yourself cleaner than that ...

That would be the increasingly bankrupt, Russian-bought NRA, that advocates violence against fellow Americans? Gosh, congratulations.

Here are the Iowa results Buttigieg 37,557 votes Sanders 43,671 votes Warren 32,533 trump 31,464 Biden 26,384. So in Iowa trump came in 4th place. Now he can focus on Pete, Bernie, and Elisabeth.

Protect their daughters from dick pics?

Im not scared of the gun issues because i already know Texas will NEVER give them up and we will fight or succeed before anyone trys to take them

I believe all Texans and their families should be safe from nutjobs with military style rifles and weapons who are either too disturbed or too chicken shit to actually enlist in the army or the guard and be part of that well regulated militia.

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Great night out at the Milam County Reagan day dinner! ... See MoreSee Less

Great night out at the Milam County Reagan day dinner!Image attachmentImage attachment

Dr. Schwertner


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