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Dr. Charles Schwertner
Dr. Charles Schwertner3 days ago
Did you know the Permian Basin provides more than one-third of the total U.S. oil and natural gas production? It plays a vital role in strengthening our electric grid, boosting our economy, and promoting energy independence. The importance of this region is why I sponsored HB 5066, which ensures that the Permian Basin has the electricity infrastructure needed to meet market demand as well as expand the production and transfer of oil and gas. I'm proud that HB 5066 will help Texas continue to lead as the nation's #1 oil and gas producer.
Dr. Charles Schwertner
Dr. Charles Schwertner4 days ago
California's unrestricted net deficit is $222 billion, and their total state and local government debt is $1.6 trillion, while Texas has billions of dollars in surplus. There's no wonder that people are fleeing states with high taxes and overregulation. Texas is the place where you can start a business, succeed on your own merit, and live the American Dream!
Dr. Charles Schwertner
Dr. Charles Schwertner6 days ago
During the Solar Eclipse, Texas witnessed a decrease in solar and wind generation, increasing demand for thermal generation. At the time of totality, nearly three-quarters of the grid was powered by natural gas, coal, and lignite. Our all-of-the-above approach to energy production helps Texans continue to receive reliable electricity without disruption.

Dr. Schwertner


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