Securing the Border

Because the federal government has failed when it comes to securing our border, Charles Schwertner fought to pass legislation that gives law enforcement additional resources to crack down on drug cartels, terrorists and human smugglers. He also co-authored the sanctuary cities ban to keep our communities safe.

Protecting Private Property

Charles Schwertner passed landmark legislation that permanently protects the private property rights of all Texans against eminent domain abuse. For his leadership on private property rights, the Texas Farm Bureau AGFUND has endorsed Schwertner.

Defending Life and Liberty

As a constitutional conservative, Charles is a steadfast defender of our God-given constitutional rights; specifically our right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. He is committed to the protection of innocent human life and passed legislation that prohibits dismemberment abortions and the selling of fetal tissue.

Defending the Second Amendment

Charles Schwertner is a staunch defender of the 2nd Amendment and has been “A” rated and endorsed by the NRA and Texas State Rifle Association (TSRA).

Improving Our Children’s Schools

As the father of three graduates from public schools, Charles Schwertner knows the importance of classroom excellence. He helped pass landmark public education reform that gives students and parents greater flexibility in tailoring a curriculum that supports a student’s individual interests. He also reduced the number of high-stakes, standardized tests from 15 down to 5, so teachers have more time to focus on instruction and education, rather than simply teaching to the test.

Schwertner has also fought to expand schools choice in Texas and provide parents and students with the freedom to decide the setting that best fits their educational needs.

Protecting Seniors from Abuse

As Chair of the Health and Human Services Committee, Charles Schwertner played a leading role in fighting against bad nursing homes in Texas and passed legislation to protect seniors from abuse and neglect.

Protecting Vulnerable Children

Charles Schwertner has worked to protect Texas children by increasing funding for Child Protective Services and fighting to protect children at risk of abuse or neglect.

Fighting Obamacare

Since its passage in 2009, Americans from every walk of life have come face-to-face with the stark realities of Obamacare: millions of health insurance policies cancelled, skyrocketing premiums, rising deductibles, and the frustration felt by anyone attempting to purchase coverage through HealthCare.gov. Obamacare’s top-down, Washington-first mentality has been an unmitigated disaster for the American healthcare system. You deserve the right to make your own healthcare choices, and no government has the right to interject itself between you and your doctor.

As your voice in the Texas Senate, I’ve used my firsthand experience as a physician to fight back against Obamacare and protect the rights of patients. As a diligent steward of our taxpayer dollars, I will continue to fight fraud and abuse in our state’s overburdened Medicaid program.


I’m honored to be selected by @LtGovTX to serve as Chair of Senate B&C. This oversees topics that effect all Texans: oversight of electricity, banking, insurance & occupational licensing. As Chair, I’ll ensure this committee is transparent & listens to the voices of all Texans.

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I am honored to be selected by Lieutenant Governor Patrick to serve all Texans as the Chair of the Senate Business and Commerce Committee. This committee oversees topics that effect all Texans including oversight of electricity, banking, insurance and occupations licensing. As Chair, I will ensure this committee is transparent and listens to the voices of all Texans. I look forward to continuing to serve the people of Texas in this new role. ... See MoreSee Less

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Congrats. You will do an incredible job for Texas!

Maybe you can help create college intern rights that protect them from sexual harassment. Maybe even specifically from you.

"affect", not "effect". Yeesh.

Pecos, TX, 2,000 rooms at oil/gas man camp are filled with illegals and being paid for. Another 2,000 rooms are being paid for reserved waiting for more illegals. Information as told to me by someone that lives out in that part of our Texas. - South of SanAntonio, a Holiday Inn has 2 upper floors being paid for empty waiting on their turn to entertain illegals.

Constituent here with some questions: To what degree did you listen to any of the students, parents, educators, historians, school superintendents, and business leaders who tried to talk with you during this session? We all tried respectfully to give you a more informed perspective so you would truly protect ALL of our children while respecting the knowledge of academic experts and professionals. Instead, you listened to fringe extremists who know nothing about what teachers do and what kids learn in social studies classes. Your votes in this session do psychological and intellectual harm to kids of color and kids who are LGBTQ. Please explain how we should trust that you are going to actually listen next time around when you refusted to listen and even refused to allow students who learn in African American Studies and Mexican American Studies to earn graduation credit for those classes? Why shouldn't my son deserve to earn graduation credit for studying his own history?

Will you be fair in inclusion of all citizens?

Time will tell if it is like the voters rights or what ever you call it not a good thing

Always proud of your integrity and friendship

So proud of you and for the people of Texas! Thanks for all you do.

Thank you sir!!!


Congratulations Dr Schwertner


This really concerns me given your association with the do-nothing legislation recently passed & signed for the electrical grid.

Congratulations , I am hoping this position can help you exert improvement of conditions of care in our nursing homes.


Your most important work now is to vote no on the voter Integrity Bill. It is the most draconian set of voting obstructions on the country, and that is an embarrassing record for our state to have. This is a voter suppression initiative, and does nothing to protect our rights at the ballot box. Republicans benefited immensely from the huge voter turnout in 2020 You are cutting off your nose to spite your face, because there was mo voter fraud in the last election - not statewide or nationally. Unless you consider 16 identified instances of wrong addresses out of millions in our state.

Thank you, Dr Schwertner!

GOP FASCIST INSANITY. Those who create problems are incapable of correcting them. VOTE Dr. Charles Schwertner, Office of the Lieutenant Governor of Texas, Dan Patrick, Greg Abbott, and their comrades OUT!!!

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In case you missed it: Tuesday, Governor Greg Abbott signed Senate Bill 3, Power Grid Reliability, into law. I authored this bill to bring about a significant reform of our state’s electric grid to prevent and prepare for any potential energy emergencies. Along with SB 3, the Governor also signed SB 2, overhauling the ERCOT Board. These bills will protect Texans and ensure that Texas never suffers energy failures ever again. ... See MoreSee Less

In case you missed it: Tuesday, Governor Greg Abbott signed Senate Bill 3, Power Grid Reliability, into law. I authored this bill to bring about a significant reform of our state’s electric grid to prevent and prepare for any potential energy emergencies. Along with SB 3, the Governor also signed SB 2, overhauling the ERCOT Board. These bills will protect Texans and ensure that Texas never suffers energy failures ever again.

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I’ve looked this legislation over and it appears to have no teeth. It’s just a series of boards and committees. These boards will be populated with Abbott donors so what’s changed? How do you audit for gaps in winterization and close those gaps? How do you determine the diminution number of wind / solar added to base load?

Doesn’t fix the issues we faced You charged us for it (in a sense same as raising taxes).

a bailout for the power companies and we will have to go through it all over again probably with the legislators doing nothing again

Baby step in the right direction but a long way to go

Its almost like you have no idea how the section to overturn elections got into SB7. It’s almost like the typos and authoritarian legislation was something Republicans Didn’t Even Write Or Read www.houstonchronicle.com/politics/texas/article/Texas-Republicans-say-lowering-the-bar-for-162402...

I am dubious but hopeful.

Does the end user take on the cost?

Thank you governor Abbot and your team🤙🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Great, what about HB1927?!

Legislation: is there anything it can’t do?

"Yesterday, with great fanfare, Greg Abbott signed bills that would do virtually nothing to fix the power grid that massively failed during the Polar Vortex in February, knocking out the power in almost 5 million homes and causing the deaths estimated by some to be as high as 700. " juanitajean.com/abbotts-most-recent-failure/

Can we make sure that the wind technology is not our first resource and get our coal power plants back up to full power.


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Dr. Schwertner


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