Securing the Border

Because the federal government has failed when it comes to securing our border, Charles Schwertner fought to pass legislation that gives law enforcement additional resources to crack down on drug cartels, terrorists and human smugglers. He also co-authored the sanctuary cities ban to keep our communities safe.

Protecting Private Property

Charles Schwertner passed landmark legislation that permanently protects the private property rights of all Texans against eminent domain abuse. For his leadership on private property rights, the Texas Farm Bureau AGFUND has endorsed Schwertner.

Defending Life and Liberty

As a constitutional conservative, Charles is a steadfast defender of our God-given constitutional rights; specifically our right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. He is committed to the protection of innocent human life and passed legislation that prohibits dismemberment abortions and the selling of fetal tissue.

Defending the Second Amendment

Charles Schwertner is a staunch defender of the 2nd Amendment and has been “A” rated and endorsed by the NRA and Texas State Rifle Association (TSRA).

Improving Our Children’s Schools

As the father of three graduates from public schools, Charles Schwertner knows the importance of classroom excellence. He helped pass landmark public education reform that gives students and parents greater flexibility in tailoring a curriculum that supports a student’s individual interests. He also reduced the number of high-stakes, standardized tests from 15 down to 5, so teachers have more time to focus on instruction and education, rather than simply teaching to the test.

Schwertner has also fought to expand schools choice in Texas and provide parents and students with the freedom to decide the setting that best fits their educational needs.

Protecting Seniors from Abuse

As Chair of the Health and Human Services Committee, Charles Schwertner played a leading role in fighting against bad nursing homes in Texas and passed legislation to protect seniors from abuse and neglect.

Protecting Vulnerable Children

Charles Schwertner has worked to protect Texas children by increasing funding for Child Protective Services and fighting to protect children at risk of abuse or neglect.

Fighting Obamacare

Since its passage in 2009, Americans from every walk of life have come face-to-face with the stark realities of Obamacare: millions of health insurance policies cancelled, skyrocketing premiums, rising deductibles, and the frustration felt by anyone attempting to purchase coverage through HealthCare.gov. Obamacare’s top-down, Washington-first mentality has been an unmitigated disaster for the American healthcare system. You deserve the right to make your own healthcare choices, and no government has the right to interject itself between you and your doctor.

As your voice in the Texas Senate, I’ve used my firsthand experience as a physician to fight back against Obamacare and protect the rights of patients. As a diligent steward of our taxpayer dollars, I will continue to fight fraud and abuse in our state’s overburdened Medicaid program.


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Tomorrow is your last chance to vote early before Election Day. Find early voting locations at www.votetexas.gov/voting/where. ... See MoreSee Less

Tomorrow is your last chance to vote early before Election Day. Find early voting locations at https://www.votetexas.gov/voting/where.

I was honored to meet with so many enthusiastic Republicans at the Robertson County GOP Chili Supper. Good food and great company! ... See MoreSee Less

I was honored to meet with so many enthusiastic Republicans at the Robertson County GOP Chili Supper. Good food and great company!Image attachment

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Superspreader! And lots of seniors too 🙁


I see a problem.

Love to see a physician flagrantly disregarding public health recommendations.

Ya he’s a bone doctor and people need to get off that mask bull

When was this? Many of these people look like they may be in high a risk group! Zero masks? There is an actual pandemic.

If I'd known we wouldn't be masked raped at the door, I may have come.

Go Dem's 🇺🇸

Shhhh, let Darwin do his thing. These fools think their dear leader knows better.

Super spreader event

Glad you like to eat s**t Senator.

No wonder Texas is on it’s way to being No. 1 in the US for Covid cases.

You're a doctor, in a crowded place with no masks in sight, during a pandemic? Yikes.

You are a Doctor where is your mask and no one is Social distancing. WHY

Great picture! So good to see you!

Wow, as a Dr., I'm sure you'll volunteer for the contract tracing that will be going on there shortly.

Sad to see a doctor and elected leader not following public health guidelines. Masks and Social Distancing are to protect others not you. It’s Selfless and not Selfish, why is it so hard for so many to not want to do something to help others?

Please vote for Biden/ Democrats

Just went through the 71 photos on the Robertson County GOP Website. The Guest Speaker Pete Sessions ! Bill Flores ! Tom Holloway ! Hayden Paul ! My Texas State Senator , Special Dan Patrick Manure Spreader, Dr Charles Schwertner ! Special Guest and the Father of the Future of the Republican Party Rafael Cruz!!! All Must Be Evaluated for Mental Health And Corona Exposure!

Zero masks. Shame on you

Yeah let’s just get real about something else. Besides everything else a Trump has done in his Wotless see a 47 months versus some other idiots 47 years. Along with getting everything that everybody needed because of the pandemic yes like I said the more you test the more you’re going to find but until you can display all the numbers you’re full of BS so all I’m saying is there is a cure and it’s going to Along with everything else that he’s got here at operation warp speed. You people need to give thanks for thanks it’s needed he’s done one hell of a job pull your head out of your backside and realize that let’s get on with our lives because he’s right the cure cannot be worse. Go trump 2020

Not a mask in sight, Doctor? Lord, Republicans are really killing themselves off, aren't they?

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