Authored SB 555 150 150 Dr. Schwertner

Authored SB 555

Ensures that the condemning entity is responsible for the 7% interest penalty assessed on taxes owed by farmers and ranchers when their property is converted, through eminent domain, from an agricultural or open-space designation to another use.

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Authored SB 554 150 150 Dr. Schwertner

Authored SB 554

Strengthens existing landowner protections which allow Texans the right to repurchase property seized through eminent domain unless the condemning entity can demonstrate “actual progress” on the project within a defined period of time.

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Authored SB 553 150 150 Dr. Schwertner

Authored SB 553

Requires a condemning authority to specify which parcel of a landowner’s property is needed for a desired project and which is not subject to condemnation, requiring separate compensation offers for each.

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Authored SB 552 150 150 Dr. Schwertner

Authored SB 552

Provides landowners with increased disclosure of existing survey-related rights, including the right to negotiate survey terms and recover damages caused by a survey, as well as the landowner’s right to refuse access to their property without a court order.

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Authored SB 1981 150 150 Dr. Schwertner

Authored SB 1981

Requires UIL to undergo a competitive bidding process in selecting host cities for statewide competitions in high school athletics, academics, and music.

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Authored SB 1437 150 150 Dr. Schwertner

Authored SB 1437

Requires that all toll road authorities offer customers a pay-by-mail option, clearly differentiate invoices from bills that require payment, and check for active TxTAG accounts prior to mailing a paper bill.

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Authored SB 1208 150 150 Dr. Schwertner

Authored SB 1208

Improves outdated licensing standards for foster homes and other related child care settings and provides new, specialized care options for child abuse victims.

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Authored & Passed SB 1107 150 150 Dr. Schwertner

Authored & Passed SB 1107

Provides a clear and accountable regulatory structure for the operation of telemedical services in Texas.

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Authored & Passed SB 1066 150 150 Dr. Schwertner

Authored & Passed SB 1066

Requires Texas medical schools to improve the matching of medical school graduates with an in-state, post-graduate medical residency program, also known as Graduate Medical Education (GME). The bill would help ensure that the state has an adequate number of medical residencies to satisfy the needs of its medical graduates, ultimately keeping more Texas educated physicians…

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Authored SB 934 150 150 Dr. Schwertner

Authored SB 934

Nursing Facility Liability Insurance — requires all nursing facilities in Texas to carry professional liability insurance coverage of $300,000 per occurrence and $1 million in aggregate. This liability policy would hold nursing homes financially responsible and allow families to recover damages when a loved one is abused or dies as a result of negligent care.

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