Better Border Security – Doctor’s Notes

Better Border Security – Doctor’s Notes

Better Border Security – Doctor’s Notes 840 440 Ryan Gravatt

I write today to share the accomplishments of the 87th Texas Legislature and to inform you of my continued fight on behalf of the Lone Star State.

Despite many failures at the federal level, the State of Texas continues the fight to secure our southern border and protect our citizens. This legislative session, I helped enhance our financial commitment to border security by appropriating billions of dollars to build the border wall, combat human trafficking, and support law enforcement along our southern border.

The Biden Administration continues to fail us at the border. By rescinding Title 42, Biden is directly responsible for the projected 18,000 illegal crossings per day into our state. The federal government’s flimsy “catch and release” policy is disastrous not only for Texas but for America.

If Congress fails to act, Texas will have to step up once again to fill the void of leadership and protect our citizens. During the 2021 session, I co-authored two appropriations bills that committed almost $3 billion to secure the border, including:

• $1 billion to construct physical barriers along the state’s international border with Mexico;
• Targeted salary increases for our hard-working state troopers;
• Additional funding and personnel to support county and state law enforcement; and
• Targeted funding to aid counties most impacted by the border crisis.

Our top priority is to complete the construction of a border wall to provide a long-term solution to our nation’s ongoing immigration crisis. These physical barriers are critical to protecting Texas ranchers and property owners from dangerous drug cartels, human traffickers, and other violence.

Drug trafficking has reached frightening and unprecedented levels. To crackdown on a massive influx of lethal drugs coming through our southern borderI supported Senate Bill 768, increasing criminal penalties for manufacturing, delivering, or possessing fentanyl. Our legislation sends a strong and clear message that we will not stand by while criminals continue to poison Texans with the deadly substance.

As our brave law enforcement officers continue to risk their lives to secure our border and deter illegal crossings, I am committed to supporting them in their mission to keep our citizens safe. I will always back the blue, and I am committed to aiding law enforcement in the effort to secure our border and protect Texans.

God Bless Texas,

Charles Schwertner, MD
Senate District 5